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How to Build a Championship Team also known as getting lucky...

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1 - Have your keepers come through - Seahawks D, Forte, Russ Wilson...thank you

2 - make a great trade based on your gut feeling
Example - I traded AJ Green, MJD, and EJ Manuel for the 2 of the biggest RB busts of 2013 - CJ Spiller and David Wilson - wow that did not go well for me

3 - Get shafted out of your 2nd round pick and fall into a top 5 defense
Example - I wanted Desean Jackson so bad - WJD took him one spot ahead of I took KC Defense

4 - Trade an asset for and asset for an asset - and have everyone happy
Example - I traded St Louis D for a college pick = Eddie lacy...Lacy then traded to IP for Jimmy Graham...traded Jimmy Graham to SWG for Stafford - in reality if I would have just stuck with Carson Palmer it would have been about the same - but I won it all, Graham has Lacy, and Barrett has JimmyG - everyone is happy. I got D Thomas for a FA...which was what Nolan asked for. I got Gordon for Spiller the guy Tom was asking for.

5 - have some depth - Welker 4 games, Cobb 3 games before I traded him, and Megatron 2 games - all out - but I had a lot of WR depth - and they all were productive - I did make my two biggest trades to get guys I needed DT and Gordon

6 - Draft good enough - Jordan Cameron good reach at 1.25...Heath Miller bad reach at 800K. Randall Cobb great FA pick at 250K, MJD bad at 4.25. Lacy great pick...Hopkins just missed. David Wilson horrible...Megatron awesome.

Its fantasy...its luck + skill + dumb luck + throwing darts + listening to moron coaches who never use your players enough

I basically won a NASCAR championship - I only won one race...but I had a lot of top 3 finishes. Thanks to the commish and our admin.

you always have two choices....Join or Die


Congrats man! It was a really hard fought year. Lots of competitors in this league. I did everything I thought I had to do and still lost. So you really deserve it! Congrats again and maybe we can all meet up in Vegas for the draft this time? I think that would be so much fun! Have a good off-season. For me, it's back to the drawing board. Sad


Worst loss in history for me . this one stings the most. Injured players , then I trade for players who then also get injured or have the qb go down .. Tough to swallow .. Luck was not on my side . you must be living right sir lol .. My advice , makes moves to win don't wait. At least I won Jason's league lol haha.. Until next year .

Big dog !

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