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Bo Pellini

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1Bo Pellini Empty Bo Pellini on Sun 30 Nov 2014, 9:05 pm


I figured I'd ask the Nebraska authority where you fall on the firing of Pellini. I saw he never won less than 9 games, but also that they had one of the worst records in the NCAA in games between ranked teams during his time (.333 winning percentage).

2Bo Pellini Empty Re: Bo Pellini on Sun 30 Nov 2014, 10:07 pm


I just don't understand Nebraska Heff. They did the same thing to Frank Solich. PLEASE KU! Call Pellini and offer him a contract right now!

3Bo Pellini Empty Re: Bo Pellini on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 9:49 am


It's crazy to an outsider to fire Bo Pelini, who won 71 percent of his games in 7 years for Nebraska. Pelini's win totals are strong and measure up with some big name schools and coaches, but he only made the Big Ten Championship once - and got embarrassed 70-31 to a 7-5 Wisconsin team. Gross.

After the most recent embarrassing loss to Wisconsin last month (59-24 with Melvin Gordon setting the ALL-TIME RUSHING RECORD IN A GAME WITH 408 YARDS IN 3 QUARTERS), it was obvious that Nebraska wouldn't be a REAL PHYSICAL team under PELINI. Then getting OUT-PHYSICALED (for 2 straight seasons) against Minnesota, MINNESOTA!!! Nebraska had so many opportunities to win against good teams/ranked teams and REPEATEDLY got PHYSICALLY beaten. Seeing it happen over and over to not even elite teams was ridiculous. So I lost alot of confidence in Pelini to EVER win any kind of championship. Bo Pelini wasn't the DEFENSIVE GENIUS that he was perceived to be. Pelini brought in a no-name D COORDINATOR (Papuchis) to try and build a championship defense. Dude is clueless on making any kind of in-game adjustments.

LET’S JUST LOWER THE EXPECTATIONS & ACCEPT YOUR PLACE AS A MID-LEVEL BIG-10 TEAM. It seemed like the coaches and players were accepting losing 3 or 4 games per season because "Kansas or Iowa or Minnesota would love to be 8-4 or 9-3 every year". When the players are comparing themselves to Iowa or Minnesota, they were getting used to be the 5th or 6th best BIG TEN team in a relatively weak power conference.

The standard argument for keeping Bo Pelini was that 9-4 or 10-4 are good, quality seasons. It will be tough to find someone else who will get better results than that. I'm happy that the Nebraska Athletic Director isn't happy with a good but not great football program. I wanted Bo Pelini to have success and win championships. For a while, I thought he was the right man for the job, but eventually the evidence piled up that he was not.

Nine wins is not the standard. Championships are. Being competitive in key games that matter is important. Nebraska has to win a conference championship more than once in every 15 years. The losses became bigger than the wins with Pelini. You can be satisfied with good, but you can try harder to be great. Nebraska is choosing to be great.

Nebraska is the same caliber program as with Iowa and Minnesota right now. That doesn't mean that Nebraska is satisfied with being average or good.

#4 Missouri 52, at Nebraska 17 (homecoming)
At #4 Oklahoma 62, Nebraska 28
NR Texas Tech 31, at #15 Nebraska 10
Holiday Bowl – NR Washington 19, #17 Nebraska 7
At #8 Wisconsin 48, #7 Nebraska 17
At #20 Michigan 45, #17 Nebraska 17
Capital One Bowl - #10 South Carolina 30, #21 Nebraska 13
At NR UCLA 36, #16 Nebraska 30
At #12 Ohio State 63, #21 Nebraska 38
BigTen Championship – NR Wisconsin 70, #14 Nebraska 31
#16 UCLA 41, At #23 Nebraska 21
At NR Minnesota 34, #25 Nebraska 23
#14 Michigan State 41, At NR Nebraska 28
NR Iowa 38, At NR Nebraska 17
At #22 Wisconsin 59, #11 Nebraska 24
NR Minnesota 28, At #21 Nebraska 24

Since October 2011, Nebraska has beaten ONE team that finished the season in the TOP 20. That was Northwestern in 2012; the Wildcats finished 17th. What???

Since Pelini took over in 2008:
» 43 programs have recorded at least one 11-win season, including 29 teams from Power Five leagues. Nebraska’s best finish is 10-4.
» 30 programs have recorded at least one Top-10 season. Nebraska’s best finish under Pelini is 14th in 2009.
» 20 Power Five programs have won at least one conference championship. Nebraska finished runner-up three times.

4Bo Pellini Empty Re: Bo Pellini on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 10:29 am


That thinking makes sense. I know it is easy to leave well enough alone, but I think a desire to be more is worth the gamble.

I think the Big 10 move was definitely the right move for the university, was awesome for all sports other than football (I know Nebraska wrestling has benefitted), but it probably hurts Nebraska in Football. It takes them further away from the recruiting bases needed to win in Football (Texas, Florida/SE, California). Playing games in Texas every year made Nebraska a real option for Texas kids. Now they are more regionally bound to the Midwest in their recruiting and that just doesn't work in high level college football. I think any Big 10 school that wants to compete nationally needs a coach with deep ties to one of the 3 states/areas I mentioned. If you hire a coach who has recruited Texas for the last decade and let him go back to he same kids/coaches he's always recruited, but this time with the promise of Nebraska's tradition, fan base, and superior Big 10 academics and student life, than I think that's a sale you can make (Urban Meyer is basically doing the same thing with SE/Florida recruits).

But the Big 10 recruiting base just won't get it done in Football any more.

5Bo Pellini Empty Re: Bo Pellini on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 2:01 pm


I agree with you that the move to the Big 10 was the right thing to do for Nebraska (but not so much Nebraska football). There aren’t really any recruiting hotbeds in Big 10 country, except for Ohio - & Ohio State scoops up all of the elite athletes there for the most part. All of the great high school athletes are in California /Florida / Texas like you said. In the state of Nebraska, there haven’t been any great recruiting athletes in about a decade or more. It would be great if the new head coach does have strong ties to CA / TX / FL – it would help recruiting big time.

6Bo Pellini Empty Re: Bo Pellini on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 9:48 am




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