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Great Season (Mostly By Me)

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1Great Season (Mostly By Me) Empty Great Season (Mostly By Me) on Mon 29 Dec 2014, 6:53 pm


I'm glad to join many of you in finally being the BDO champ.  I'm also glad to do it with one of the most dominant seasons ever turned in (22 point win margin, near perfect 19-1 record for the H2H champ, Mini season champ, won 12 of 22 categories, most high scores, #1 Offense, #1 Defense).

I was looking over the last 3 champs in the league (IP 2012, JD 2013, SWG 2014) and looked to see what makes a winner.

2012 IP scored 171 points for the title.  IP's lowest score in a category was 5 (Yards per Rush) and he only had that once.  Overall IP won just 2 categories that year but was top half in an amazing 21 of 22.  An amazingly deep and balanced team that was good at everything.

2013 JD scored 175 points.  JD had a low score of 2 (TD rushing and Offensive TOs) and also had 2 scores of 3.  He had lower lows for sure, but he made up for it with 11 category wins (4 receiving categories, 2 total offense categories largely influenced by WRs, and 6 of the 7 Defense categories).

My 2014 SWG scored 175.  SWG had a low of 3 (in defensive stops) and also had 3 other scores of 4 on offense.  SWG made up for it with 12 category wins (most ever?).  My wins were spread out with 5 on defense, 4 at WR, 1 at QB, 1 at RB and one at Total offense.  

The number one thing these teams had in common was great defense.  JD and SWG accomplished that with SEA and supporting Defenses, while IP got it done with great depth and matchups.  Either way don't even try to win a title without defense.

Oddly I won 5 of the 7 defensive categories and scored 7 on sacks to go along with my 3 in defensive stops.  The scoring change this year counting defensive stops moves the stats away a bit from traditional running game/defense teams who are good on defense by not being on defense much (Seattle) and moves it towards teams that might give up more raw numbers by being on the field, but do a great job in DVOA (like Philly).  This might allow for greater flexibility in how to build a winning team as we go forward.

The race for 170+ points in 2015 has already begun, so good luck, and as you get ready to come after the title, remember one thing...

2Great Season (Mostly By Me) Empty Re: Great Season (Mostly By Me) on Mon 29 Dec 2014, 10:46 pm


Nice job Barrett, I agree defense is rather important. I'm glad you got yourself a win, its been a long time coming! Enjoy my trophy for a year I will be coming for it in 2015!

Kicking puppies.

3Great Season (Mostly By Me) Empty Re: Great Season (Mostly By Me) on Tue 03 Mar 2015, 10:59 am


B, nice post. I really enjoy the depth and complexity of the league. I love the draft spread out it is, how many facets (fa,supp, college,and 17 or so rounds) and the keeper element.

The effort to provide info on the site is all world. And I get a kick out of showing the stats to other guys outside of the league as I explain the complexity of BDO.

Making a championship team in this league takes more skill than any other league I have been in...while keeping the element of luck. I drafted KC and Russ Wilson among others at the right time...and then was lucky enough for them to perform beyond expectations.

Injuries are another huge factor in the luck category. ..but it takes some skill to draft depth and trade for depth.

Looks like the trophy enjoys Houston climate...and I will do everything I can to keep it here.

Looking forward to the draft and season to come!

Join or Die!

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