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Gods of the Gridiron Supplemental Values for the 2015 Season

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Team POS  Name                        2014 Salary   Supp Value

KC QB Alex Smith                        1.5000          4th

MIN QB Teddy Bridgewater            0.5000         4th

NE QB Jimmy Garoppolo               0.2500          12th

DEN QB Brock Osweiler                0.2500          12th

CHI QB Jimmy Clausen                 0.2500          12th

DEN RB Monte Ball                      1.2500          12th

NYJ RB Chris Ivory                      0.4000          10th

SEA RB Christine Michael              0.2500          12th

IND RB Boom Herron                   0.2500          12th

OAK RB Roy Helu                        0.2500          10th

ARI WR Michael Floyd                  1.2500          7th

DET WR Golden Tate                    1.0000          4th

NYG  WR Reuben Randle              0.2500          10th

JAX WR Justin Blackmon              0.2500          12th

CIN WR Marvin Jones                  0.2500          10th

MIN TE Kyle Rudolph                   0.9000          10th

PIT TE Heath Miller                      0.2500          10th

WAS DEF Washington                   0.2500          4th

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It is great to see these. It makes me excited to defend my title. A few things though.

No college players are eligible for the supp draft. If they are not kept they go straight to the college draft. So they don't need supp values.

Also, previously tagged players are not eligible for the supp draft. They go straight to the FA draft. That is how I got Seattle in the FA draft last year. So Foster and Cincy do not need supp values.

Good luck on finally grabbing the top spot. The decade plus I waited made the win even sweeter.

3Gods of the Gridiron Supplemental Values for the 2015 Season Empty unfranchise Bengals? on Thu 07 May 2015, 9:03 pm


giving up 1st rounder, free agent pick, and 1st Supp pick - is this correct?



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yikes! guess im wrong? didnt it used to be that we only had to give up a fa or a 1st rounder? that seems steep! i guess i just missed the rule change. no big deal. ill keep cincy and figure shit out. i may just end up cutting them before the draft or something. thanks for pointing that out. i would have been super pissed had i done that and not known about the rule change. thanks bud. going to have to change my keepers now.

6Gods of the Gridiron Supplemental Values for the 2015 Season Empty keepers on Sat 09 May 2015, 5:39 am


hey Spence - I know you like to go big or go home...but that seemed like a really big cut to take. And I was a little shocked re-reading the rules at the price of dropping a tagged player - but I guess that rule is to make all of us think twice about who we want to tag, when, for how much...

I like your attitude coming into this year - I am getting fired up for this year - as is Anthony here in Houston - the Champ is the Champ - he's strutting around living large - carrying the Cup around to most public venues, signing autographs for the children, flexing his muscles...and dreaming of a repeat -


Yeah I'm super excited. Going to be a really competitive year. However, the trophy is coming back to Cali!

8Gods of the Gridiron Supplemental Values for the 2015 Season Empty Big Dog LL Cool J says... on Mon 11 May 2015, 7:39 am


I don't think so...


you can slap a 3rd round valuation for demaryius thomas. thanks.

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