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First Round Predictions

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1First Round Predictions Empty First Round Predictions on Mon 06 Jul 2015, 3:42 pm


Now that we are a little closer and we can see the teams forming, I'd like to map out the first round as I see it shaping up.

Yes I am both bored and stoned. Get over it and enjoy...

1) KP picks Aaron Rodgers-No brainer.

2) GG picks Drew Brees-Consistent and the most bang for your buck against a super easy schedule.

3) SWG picks Tom Brady-He is super high on Brady. I could see it if he only gets 2 games. If 4 is upheld and there is no court injunction, then maybe he goes Romo. Then I think JD just takes Brady one pick later. He's already got Big Ben and Russell Wilson so he can IR him for those games. But my gut says SWG takes Brady here regardless.

4) JD picks Tony Romo-I think JD really values ol' Tony. He's hoping he drops to him and SWG doesn't swoop in. In that situation I think he picks Tom Brady and stashes him. But I see him still being here for JD to pick him.

5) GG picks Phillip Rivers-I'm basically picking the leftover guy in Mr. Rivers. I'd be happy with any one of these QBs except for Peyton. I have a bad feeling about this season for him. It reminds me of Brett Favre the 2nd year in Minnesota. He stayed one year too long. I think the same is going to be said of Peyton this year.

6) TD picks Peyton Manning-He's the one left over from the group of six super QBs. I'd be shocked if someone took Peyton higher than here. But at the same time, when it comes to #6, I can't imagine him going lower than here. So I think he is pretty locked in at this pick. TD could really use a real QB too. Peyton and Cutler may not be too bad fantasy wise.

7) SWG picks Arian Foster-for a bazillion reasons. Not to mention he is a Houston Texan and SWG only has one dirty RB. I guarantee Arian Foster goes at this spot to SWG. No reason to think otherwise. Stone cold, lead pipe lock.

Cool KP picks Calvin Johnson-Solidifies his team in all positions. Except for Defense though. A little weak on that. Just my thoughts brother. Smile

9) KP picks Emmanuel Sanders-I think this is a safe pick and a good one. He's going to get his no matter what happens with Peyton. I could also see KP trading this pick to IP or even BB if he is still alive?


COMP 1) M25 picks Nick Foles-Unfortunately for M25, he is QB desperate right now as he has no real picks to get one until this pick. He is forced to make this pick. It's not a bad pick I guess. It just makes me feel weird that Philly basically gave up on him. Big time red flag. He will be an interesting player to watch this year.

COMP 2) TD picks leftover WR. Vincent Jackson? Jeremy Maclin? Keenan Allen? No possible way Jordan Matthews gets out of the FA draft otherwise he would look good here too.

COMP 3) IP picks Greg Olsen-Which will piss me the fuck off! I want him on my team. He's QB weak but I think he is just going to play the schedules with Bridgewater, Palmer(FA), Alex Smith(FA).

COMP 4) RF picks Cleveland because I don't think Kansas City or Denver will make it out of the FA Draft. They are definitely going to be picked before the main draft. So the best defense available will end up being Cleveland. Pairing them with Buffalo will be a great addition to a very good team.

2First Round Predictions Empty Re: First Round Predictions on Mon 06 Jul 2015, 4:48 pm


It all looks reasonable. Pick 9 is going from KP to NE for supp payment on Carlos Hyde. I don't think there is a QB out there worth it at #9, but NE would have to think about it anyways, especially if Stafford lands on IR.

3First Round Predictions Empty Re: First Round Predictions on Mon 06 Jul 2015, 4:51 pm


ahhhh i didn't know that. yea he could easily pick Foles then at #9. That would put M25 and even IP in a really shitty position QB wise.

4First Round Predictions Empty Re: First Round Predictions on Mon 06 Jul 2015, 6:13 pm


I got a question for you Mr. Barrett. You thinking about taking one of the $7.5 million QBs at FA #6? I did some quick math and it can work. Couple that with Romo at 3 and Foster at 7. Holy shit. Well, you might be totally fucked on your Defenses though as you have zero. Who knows.

5First Round Predictions Empty Re: First Round Predictions on Mon 06 Jul 2015, 7:50 pm


Probably not. Right now I am looking to be as competitive as possible with only moves that help 2016. Then if some breaks go my way I will make a real push in-season. Plus I like keeping my salary down for now. I will probably be around $22 million. Then I can sit back at $3 million under and see what the plan is for the half of the league that is $3 million over.

6First Round Predictions Empty Re: First Round Predictions on Mon 06 Jul 2015, 9:31 pm


My 3 million over plan/prediction, in the words of James "Clubber" Lang..."prediction...pain!"

7First Round Predictions Empty Re: First Round Predictions on Tue 07 Jul 2015, 11:50 am


You're the only one that could pull of a $7.5 player this year. I think we have seen the last of that in this league. Way too many spots you need to cover. I won't keep Seattle next year at $7.5. Not sure anybody is worth that much. Maybe Andrew Luck if he was that much going into this year. Maybe Aaron Rodgers but that is still a lot of salary to set aside. Nobody else would be close to keeping.

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