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College Draft Best Available

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1College Draft Best Available Empty College Draft Best Available on Thu 16 Jul 2015, 5:32 pm


Thought it was a great idea by the Grahamer to post about the best available for the FA draft so I thought it would be a smart idea to do it for this draft too.  Especially when the names are more obscure and new.  When I beat you all and bring home the trophy to its rightful place in Hollywood, I want everyone's best shot.  Smile  So here is who I think, in order, who is best available for the College Draft, including exactly who I am picking and why.  Hope this helps everyone.  Study up fucksticks. Smile

1) GG-Tevin Coleman RB Atlanta.  I'm taking him pretty much regardless.  He would have to get injured in the next two weeks for me to not pick him here.  Inside track to start.  Hand picked by the running game guru Kyle Shanahan.  Easiest schedule in the NFL.  He could really go crazy in this situation.  Gives me four RBs I believe in.  No brainer.

2) NE-Kevin White WR Chicago.  The way I look at it.  There is not a good big time QB left.  And the rest of the running backs are sorta okay.  So I would take these pre-stud WRs as soon as you can.  You couldn't go wrong with some of the other WRs, but make no mistake, Kevin White is going to be a star.  Don't pass on him here.

3) GG-Breshad Perriman WR Baltimore.  I could have easily picked a different WR here.  But I think this guy is in the right situation at the right time.  I can't see how he doesn't come up with 80 rec 13.0avg and 8TDs.  I think it's one of those perfect situations that doesn't come along very often.  Marc Trestman comes in and we all know how pass crazy that fucker is.  And I am personally about 18 months older than Steve Smith.  He will get his and such but Perriman will be the #1 option by the end of the year.  They have absolutely no one else of value behind these starting wideouts.  That's why I am picking him.

4) JD-David Johnson RB Arizona.  JD is an interesting case.  He's got all the flexibility in the world.  He's got 5 of the top 24 picks in the regular draft.  All of those guys will be starter quality along with the massive amount of starters he already has on his roster.  So he can take more chances here.  And I really don't see any value in him picking a WR at all.  It would almost be a waste of a pick for his team situation.  Anyways, David Johnson may very well be the starter halfway through the season.  Ellington seemed to just shit the bed last year.  And if JD had a slight weak point, it would be that his RBs, although good, are sort of unknown.  When does Gurley come back?  Splitting carries with Mason?  And anytime you have a Jacksonville Jaguar on your roster, you should worry. Smile  So I see David Johnson being a very solid pick here.

5) JD-Duke Johnson RB Cleveland.  Yes, I would go back-to-back RBs here.  Yes, I know he would then have 5.  And I think he needs them.  Not really any good ones even at 16 in the regular draft, and he isn't picking anybody other than a QB with #4 in the main draft.  So pick up Duke Johnson giving you 5 RBs so you don't have to worry about the position.  Heard a whole lot of good things about ol' Duke.  Crowded backfield yes.  But this dude is talented as fuck.  Isn't he the all-time leading rusher for the Miami Hurricanes?!  That's got to mean something.

6) JD-Bryce Petty QB NYJ.  I think JD can use his flexibility in who he picks and picks up the only remaining rookie QB with a shot at starting.  Although, I think he needs a year and that's what I've been hearing.  But he is keeper quality for 2016.  I still stand by my "advice" that he doesn't pick a WR with any of these picks.  But hell what do I know. Smile

7) TD-Nelson Agholor WR Philadelphia.  I like this pick if TD listens.  Potential for big numbers in a pass friendly system.  Got to pull the trigger with the need for starting WRs by TD.  

Cool RF-DeVante Parker WR Miami.  For me, he would be higher if he was on a different team.  Way too many WRs in Miami.  You got what, Greg Jennings, Kevin Stills, Jarvis Landry already there?  He's also listed as #4 on the depth chart.  Not enough balls going to him this year.  But considering he is talented.  This could be a good keeper for 2016 and hope he grows into a bigger role and Miami cuts loose Jennings at minimum.

9) M25-Maxx Williams TE Baltimore.  This pick might be surprising to some.  But he was the first TE taken in the draft.  He's going to be in a Trestman run offense.  Remember what dirty Bennett did in Chicago.  I heard Pitta is nowhere near close to returning.  I think this guy could walk into that offense and grab 60 balls.  Totally worth the pick.  And M25 needs a starter with this pick.

10) TD-Dorial Green-Beckham WR Tennessee.  This dude is an absolute monster.  If he could just get his damn head on straight, this dude could beast the fuck out if Marriota can play.  But he is a bit of a high risk-high reward guy.  Off the field issues.  I'd take the chance though.  TD needs WRs that can play right away kinda bad.  Gotta go big or go home with this pick.  DGB.

Guys who are on the outside looking in...

Jay Ajayi RB Miami-I understand he is pretty decent.  And I did think about putting him in the top ten.  But 1,000 yard rusher Lamar Miller is still there.  As well as 2nd year guy Damien Williams who Miami does like.  And I guess from what I understand, don't quote me, but Miami is still considering bringing Moreno back.  I guess I look at the top ten and I just don't see him being a better pick than any of them.  I guess he could be picked based on need?  I'm sure others would have him higher.  Just doesn't feel right to me.

Jaelen Strong WR Houston-I just don't see him getting much in the way of production to justify being picked.

Phillip Dorsett WR Indianapolis-Too crowded at WR and not enough balls to go around.  I've heard good things about him.  But he just won't have the production to warrant being picked.

There are some others you could put on this list.  But honestly, they are probably so far down the depth chart that it's just not worth it or they play in anemic offenses or both.  Case in point Devin Smith WR NYJ from Ohio State.  Too far down the depth chart with a high school QB throwing the ball.  No thanks.  These type of guys will be available in the 17th round if you really want them.

If you want to chime in and add more to the list feel free to post to the thread.  But I just don't see anyone else of value beyond these guys.

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2College Draft Best Available Empty Re: College Draft Best Available on Thu 16 Jul 2015, 5:47 pm


I would also like to take this opportunity to offer up a trade for any of the late round college picks.  This would be I would imagine only for picks 6-10 for any team that is hurting on salary more than likely.

81(can be turned in for a 7th 2016)
100(can be turned in for a 8th 2016)
140(can be turned in for a 12th 2016, the 1st 100k round)

As well as the entire rest of my 2016 draft.  8th round through 17th round(no 11th included).  So you get 13 picks for one rookie player.  Someone's got to bite on that right?  Easy way to chop off 500k and get a lot back.  Just text me if interested.  


3College Draft Best Available Empty nice job on the college mock on Wed 05 Aug 2015, 1:40 pm


now reality is that this year was a little different - 7 college players were kept - a larger number compared to the last 3 years - if i remember correctly.

4 rbs
2 qbs
1 wr -

who were all very good and would have made for a very interesting draft - perhaps the number of studs going back into the regular draft this year allowed for the college players to be kept - or this was just a better offensive skill position draft year. All of this made this college draft less exciting and more mysterious - will any of these guys pan guess is 2 of 10 will make an impact...but i have no idea who those 2 might be

4College Draft Best Available Empty Re: College Draft Best Available on Fri 07 Aug 2015, 9:25 am



I think the new collective bargaining agreement has had a profound effect on the game and how GMs manage player salaries. They can lock a guy up for four years right off the bat with low salaries. This was supposed to help the veterans, but it doesn't overall. There are numerous big money contracts for vets true, however if you are not top flight, you're not getting a big contract. O-lineman Mathis is a great example. Think he wants $5 mill a year and he's a good fucking player. Nobody wants him unless he takes less money. It's as if the NFL is morphing into the haves and the have nots. Kind of like our society. haha. But seriously, the average age of an NFL player I bet has nosedived because it's simply cheaper. Teams are turning to the draft more than ever to develop players in house. They play right away as rookies. Alongside the top flight high price vets.

5College Draft Best Available Empty Re: College Draft Best Available on Fri 07 Aug 2015, 9:33 am


College Draft Best Available Nfl-pl11

College Draft Best Available Nfl_2010

6College Draft Best Available Empty Re: College Draft Best Available on Fri 07 Aug 2015, 9:37 am


cant tell shit from two years. but that distribution is shifting left with a higher drop off from the top.

7College Draft Best Available Empty Re: College Draft Best Available on Fri 07 Aug 2015, 1:15 pm


24 to 25...that is the last year of the rookie contract,then the big drop as the first wave don't get a second deal...and then the drop from 28 to 30 as the guys who get a 2nd contracts get injured or are out performed by younger / cheaper guys

Good call Spence

8College Draft Best Available Empty Re: College Draft Best Available on Fri 07 Aug 2015, 1:22 pm


i guess my point is college players are suddenly way more valuable even in fantasy. players are now coming in and playing right away. remember when a rookie qb starting right away was crazy talk? now its expected. all about that $$$. i dont think the players union realizes how badly they got screwed with that setup. its a tough sport. people just dont last until 30 years old. slotted system that pays peanuts(in comparison) is perfect for the owners. if youre an owner would rather pay a dude 500k who is 22, or a 28 year old 5 mill.

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