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The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner

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1The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner Empty The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner on Sat 25 Jul 2015, 7:23 pm


Here is my guaranteed guide to how to win a title in under 2 decades just like I did!

Basics of team building
1. QB is king
2. Salary, Salary, Salary
3. Always have half an eye on next year
4. Patience wins in trading
5. Figure out if you're a buyer or a seller

1. QB is King.  Just like in the real NFL our league values QB.  It is not only the most valuable position by scoring metric, it is also the position with the most certainty and the least movement.  At WR/RB/TE you can sign waiver wire guys who outperform top ranked guys.  Waiver wire QBs on the other hand almost always play like they are waiver wire guys.  I draft QBs with a sniper rifle and RB/WR/TE with a shotgun (I want specific QBs I know are good.  I want 3Xs more RB/WR/TEs than I need because I will only be right on 1/3 of them, and I draft better than most).  Additionally, QBs rarely see the market unless they have salary/tag issues.  If you have a star QB like Andrew Luck, don't give him up without a clear plan for getting hold of a top 6-8 guy.  In the Middle of last year I offered Kaepernick, Leveon Bell, Demerius Thomas, and Jimmy Graham all at good salaries for Luck.  It was not a terrible decision by RF to turn me down.

2.  Salary in our league is wildly important.  It is impossible to understand how important until you see some of it.  I would recommend that a new owner wait to see the Great Salary Purge that happens before week 1 before making any serious moves.  Seeing 100 salary moves in those few days will help you understand value in our league.  Right now in our league I would personally take Odell Beckham and Mike Evans (currently at 500K each) over Calvin Johnson/Antonio Brown/Demerius Thomas ($3 million each).  Same with Leveon Bell and Eddie Lacy over Peterson/Charles/Murray/McCoy.

3.  I always consider next year in every move I make.  That is what makes our league like being a real GM...consequences last.  The 5 worst moves in our league were guys Franchising players a year ago they wish weren't right now.  I won the league with no tags because I plan ahead on salary and cheap keepers every year.  Even last year when I was playing all out for the win I unloaded Demerius Thomas and Alfred Morris at the deadline for nothing but future picks.  My team was deep enough it didn't hurt me and it helped me rebuild from an all in season last year.  Thomas got me pick 12 in that deal, then I grabbed him back in the Supp draft for pick 30.  Basically remember that players under a million are far more valuable than over.  And players under $500K are extra valuable because they stay under for longer.  $100K players are like lotto tickets.  Every roster should have 5-10 of them.  If you can't find salary room for Five $100K players you need to reevaluate.

4. Never make a trade just because you feel like it or someone is pushing you.  And we do have some pushy guys in the league who will want the deal done yesterday (Call them the Jerry Joneses of the league).  But the truth is that deals almost never get worse and almost always get better.  If you have a star player always mention in the forum that he is on the block.  Then you can watch the bidding war start.  Buffalo and Luck are in the top 10 assets in our whole league right now.  If either went on the block you could make a killing.  But the time to do that is after the season starts when people get injuries and they get desperate.  Plus right now all everyone has is extra salary bloat to dump.  After week 1 everyone has a $25 million roster so they can all make more reasonable offers.  

5.  I have far too many 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the league because I got caught between trying to win and trying to be good next year.  I said to have half an eye on next year, but when you decide to go for it, go all in.  When you can't win, sell off everything you wouldn't keep for next year.  Don't get caught in the middle.  Our league is built to give the guys at the bottom a big head start the following year.  Two years ago I admitted I was not going to win and I played for next year for the only time ever. It gave me a huge head start and I rolled everyone with the most complete win ever. The owner you replaced last year did a great job all season but he blew this 'rule' worse than anyone ever has.  He had no chance of winning but he traded for a $7.5 million QB who would automatically return to the draft the following year with no possible compensation.  He way overpaid in the deal, lost draft picks, took on so much salary he had to franchise McCoy (which is why you can't this year).  And the whole thing got him no closer to winning.  In the end he still had a very good roster he gave you, but he would have had one twice as good without that move.  

The smart way to do it is let 6 weeks go by to see how good your team is.  Our scoring system is weird and allows for strange standings early, but it is perfect in figuring out who is best over 17 weeks.  So wait for 6 weeks with no big deals to see where you are and then make a decision, can I win and what do I need, or do I need to find a home for guys like Lesean McCoy who won't be on my team next year.  Plus I would ask 2-3 different owners their opinion.  One guy can be swayed by what he wants even if he's not in your deal, but talk to 2-3 and you'll get a clear enough picture to decide for yourself.  

Or ignore all of this, do everything opposite, figure it out on your own, and maybe re-invent the wheel on your way to Championship Glory.  Either way good luck and welcome.  

And just so you know I'll be letting all of the San Diego guys take a picture with my Trophy when it makes it's only trip to California this decade.

2The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner Empty Re: The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner on Sun 26 Jul 2015, 4:23 pm


I thought you were just going to how Ward dominated the league in just his 2nd year, imitate his strategy of loading up at WR and D, draft all of his former players in the supp and F/A rounds, and hope Ward is in rebuilding mode.

But your points are valid as well.

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4The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner Empty Re: The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner on Sun 26 Jul 2015, 6:30 pm


one thing i would emphasize is that you have to study. if you dont study, you will not be any good and you will not enjoy this league. if you do have the time to study, regardless if you are good or not, you will love this league. believe it or not you can have fun rebuilding and making all the moves to make that happen. takes months and its awesome. but again, for any of that to work, you have to study your ass off. a passive yahoo type fantasy player would get murdered in this league. so bascially, study your ass off, and learn the very specific and unique rules to this league. you will not see them anywhere else.

5The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner Empty Bridesmaids of the Gridiron on Sun 26 Jul 2015, 7:22 pm


This a forum posts that former Champions get to give advice in, not perennial "non champion/bridesmaids."
Spence, how do you study so much and never win?
Barrett, very well thought out posts, very helpful advice and I hope second best barett takes your words seriously.
Ward, your strategy worked incredibly in your 2nd year and earned you a title. ( which is why I don't understand why this year you ditched your proven strategy for a blueprint of proven failure aka Bridesmaids of the Gridirons? )
Justin and Nolan please feel free to chime in, as former champions your opinions matter...

My advice to the second best baretts is dont get raped in a trade. There are many sharks in this league, whose stated intentions are to "win" every trade, but there are owners that will be willing to make trades that benefit both teams as well. The best way to find out the difference is just like the real Barett said, if you want to make a trade, put who you are thinking of trading in the forum and see where the bidding takes you. This also means that when one of the sharks eventually calls you and offers you an "awesome" deal by their description, you should ALWAYS talk to 2-3 other "respected" owners and see if the offer is fair. When the sharks eventually make you an offer that they say is only valid if you commit right then, PASS, because any great deal should be shopped to others in case you can get more. Not to mention that the only reason they want you to commit on the phone right then is because they don't want other owners to know what type of crappy offer they are trying to quick fuck you with.
I say all this while including myself in the Shark category. I love to win and badly want MY trophy back, but I will ALWAYS tell you to shop any offer I make you to other owners.
You will figure out who the sharks are quickly and sometimes you can make great deals with them, because they get so desperate. I advise waiting till week 6 or so to make any drastic trades, because that is when peoples real desperation will set in. Most of the time they will be looking to rape you, especially from now till week 3.
Though with the homosexual reference you put in your team name, maybe you are looking to be raped.....

I miss you Spence and can't wait to see you...

6The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner Empty Re: The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner on Sun 26 Jul 2015, 7:42 pm


Fact- the league is hard, this is not to put anyone off, it is a compliment. If it wasn't hard, it would be lame like other fantasy football leagues (rules are complicated to figure out...I mean the unseen rules of trading, negotiating, managing a roster, salary, and keepers)
Fact - this league is more fun...BY FAR...a mile, a country mile, than any league out there. Because it keeps you involved for most of the year in so many ways
Fact- I spent the first year learning, and got schooled a bunch, 4th place finish, but not really a factor...its okay to take some lumps
Fact - its still fantasy football...its 60% skill and 40% luck...injuries, guys go up and down each year, defense typically move quite a bit from year to year
Fact- you only have to beat a few teams....last year Barrett beat 2 or 3, I maybe beat 4 the year before, Graham beat 4 or 5...and what I mean is thatby week 8 or 9, you kind of see who you really have to beat, and the other owners are trying to position for next year
Fact- our stats top every website in the world...Jeff is the man
Fact- San Diego is going to be a blast...I am looking forward to meeting all the guys

FACT - you win or lose in the draft. I look back at my 3 years and its all about my great picks or HORRIBLE picks....
Fact...there are no facts about fantasy football, except that Spence won't win it all...

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7The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner Empty Re: The Champ's Cheat Sheet for a New Owner on Mon 27 Jul 2015, 2:32 pm

Jamar Top Graham Bottom

Thank you ladies and gentleman for the warm welcome to the league!
Keep in mind I am using the term gentleman loosely.
Looking forward to wiping those smirks off your faces just like i'll be wiping your so called "dynasties" up and down the scoring categories.
I truly appreciate the tips and am looking forward to this amazing league!
Keep in mind I am one hell of a competitor and a much better shit talker!
Good luck to all of you, and let the feeding season begin.

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