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waiver period still applies

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1 waiver period still applies on Tue 22 Sep 2015, 1:10 pm

Stat Ho

The Waiver Period still applies: Tuesday at 10am to Thursday at 10am.

A player can be claimed between TUESDAY MORNING AT 10AM PST & KICKOFF of their game

1.       A team LOWER in the standings has a right to RECLAIM the player between TUESDAY AT 10AM PST & THURSDAY AT 10AM PST.

2.       A player claimed between THURSDAY AT 10:01AM PST and kickoff of their game is instantly on that team’s roster

I just wanted GODS OF THE GRIDIRON to have that one exemption of the Brandon Weeden claim - please no reclaims on Weeden.

2 Re: waiver period still applies on Tue 22 Sep 2015, 4:41 pm


I agree on GoG...since Jeff has so much other stuff on his plate and is doing the league a huge favor by managing the team

3 Re: waiver period still applies on Tue 22 Sep 2015, 10:12 pm


I say since he isn't making trades, we let him pick up 2 players from Monday after the game till Tuesday at 959 am. (when he is usually finishing stats). The better and more competitive he makes that roster the more it benefits all of us.
I also think we should knock down the price of seattle & cincy to 4.25 mill. With the understanding that both cant be traded this year & are 5.75 again the day the season ends. This will give him the roster & cap space necessary to add players if needed. Hopefully adding some young cheap waiver wire talent to improve the pile of poop that franchise will be at the end of the year.

4 Re: waiver period still applies on Wed 23 Sep 2015, 5:15 am


I am fine with a temporary and non-transferable price decrease on his defenses.

But I think that giving him two free pickups is no good. It comes only at the expense of those at the bottom of the standings (like me). I think that team is already going to be near the bottom with the Romo injury, so I don't think they need any waiver wire help.

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