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New Rules / Enforcement

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1New Rules / Enforcement Empty New Rules / Enforcement on Mon 26 Oct 2015, 11:26 am


I believe after meeting one another and getting some time together at the draft we have a greater appreciation for the league and its members. I know I do. So this post is most assuredly in that spirit of respect. And, it is not the first communication on this topic's example - so i don't want anyone to think Graham, Barrett, and I have not already shared thoughts with each other.

A trade was made on Friday - it involved Russ Wilson and Gronk as the primary pieces - Wilson had already played -The original offer was made Wednesday - Barrett counter offered me a deal that provided Wilson playing on my roster, as he did not need a QB this week - look at his stats for week 7.We made the deal Friday, and then we both set lineups according to our new rosters which were put in place that day.

Barrett has been in the league for 15 years, I am in my 4th - neither of us were aware that there was a rule prohibiting me or him from using players in the deal on Sunday or Monday - because there was no rule against it. If there had been a rule then Jeff would not have even put them on our rosters till Monday because the deal would not have gone into effect till week 8. Sunday afternoon we were informed by Graham that players in the trade could not have stats counted for this week.

A rule was then written and posted Sunday night - with retroactive enforcement.

I do not believe we should, as a league make and enforce rules - mid stream / retro actively. I understand rules need to be made - we have a fairly extensive rules sheet that must be studied and followed - but making up rules as we go (and the new rule is fine with me - a good rule going forward) is not the way to run aa a league.

I have said one of my favorite things about our league is how much we try to do things like the NFL from a competitive point of view - rules apply. When something happens, and the league realizes...hey, we need a rule for that, they do not make and enforce it in the middle of games on Sunday afternoon. Even if it is obvious they need a new rule.As we did for the trade scenario that happened.

And in the future - something will arise, and we will need to make the same decisions - rules should be changed at season end (as we do the majority of the time) - or after a week has concluded and is then in effect for every member going forward.

In a huge sea of statistics 80 yards and 1 TD don't mean a whole lot...but the principle does. So I would like this weeks stats to count as they were before the non-rule was enforced -


Your argument is that should be allowed because it wasn't specified? Or that there is nothing wrong with it?

Since you are reviewing the rules so closely, how did you miss this one?

i. Don’t be a douche – collusion will not be tolerated – get the best value for your players

Join or Die 5 trades since July 7th 4 of 5 with with SWG ( other was with Jason Spencer - JD has not made a trade with active member of this league besides Barrett since July 6th )

SWG trades players to JD ( Gronkowski ) that he says are "NOT Tradeable" and REFUSED to even listen to offers for from other owners.

How about this rule amendment, an owner can't make 80% of his trades with one owner.

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It wasn't a saw some things you didn't like so you made a rule up in the middle of a week.

I have made offers to other owners, through the summer, pre draft, and at the draft...Barrett responded others did not. Not my concern. References to collusion or being a douche owner of the last 2 Champs (one of them your brother) makes you sound a little sour.

Being Comish is not easy...I know from experience in other leagues. But rules are either in are or they are not. Retroactively enforcing a rule is rediculous in my opinion...but you rarely care for anyone's opinion when if differs from yours. But the FACT is there was no rule.


The fact that it is wrong and every owner who I have talked trades with on Thursday through Sunday nights has heard me say that trades cant go through till Tuesday can swear for the fact it has been a rule for a long time. I just never considered an owner would try to argue that they should be allowed to do what you attempted and then defend it as being fair. You know its wrong and don't care because you just want the points on a loop hole. That just shows me you are willing to chose an unfair advantage over what is fair for the league.

As far as sour grapes... I've won more championships than seasons you have played, and I always compete. I've never had to tank a season and be a cheer leader just to be competitive the next year ( Join or Die and Swg method ). So you think it bothers me that I haven't won in few years, well not at all since I never have to sit on the sidelines with pom poms. I'd rather see a fair, competitive league, and that is why you are not allowed to play a player gained in trade of a player, that already played in your active lineup.

There isn't one fantasy league in existence that would allow you to do what you tried to do. Find one and I will listen to your argument. Till then it just comes across like greed and selfishness...

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N, it sounds like there was no rule til you made one up in the middle of games ON Sunday...

It was Barrett, the reigning champion, and 15 year member of the league that suggested the trade and subsequent roster /line up changes be made as they were. So he was obviously unaware over his history of the league that the is was not allowed. I was trying to get the deal done before the Thursday games rule or no rule. Once he made that suggestion I assumed it was fact no rule against that is what we did.

You are acting as judge, jury, and executioner not as commish. Trying to divert the argument to what you think of my trade habits or ownership tendencies...does not change the fact that you are trying to enforce a rule on a league member in the middle of a game week that was not in the rules when the week began.

I have never heard you say it...Barrett apparently had never heard you say it...and we are not other leagues, so I don't have to compare their rules to ours. Find another league where the comish can make rules up during game action and retroactively enforce them.

You can bluster all you want...does not change what you are trying to do. If it was so obvious why didn't Jeff red flag it, as he often does on matters of rosters and eligibility?

This is much ado about nothing...make a rule and enforce it going forward...not backward.

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I step down to become the Judge Jury and Executioner commish it was suggested and I agree with, that this league needs. I'm tired of my integrity constantly being questioned when it comes to decisions for the league. Being accused of making up a rule to benefit my own team is an insult I won't stand for anymore. I have been the backbone through 16 years of this league and have ALWAYS done what is best for the league over what is best for my team. Being accused of sour grapes by an owner who clearly knows what he is trying to do shouldn't be allowed but wants it allowed because it wasn't specified in the rules, is exactly WHY I want to step down, it was the last straw.
An owner who only wants to trade with his friend will no longer be allowed too.

First act as commish is the Wilson for Gronk trade is over turned. No major players will be traded between owners without those players being put on the open market.
Second act is the limit on trades between owners from conclusion of the draft till the trade deadline. No more then 33% of your trades between the conclusion of the draft and trade deadline can be with one team.
This League is not folding nor is it ending. I look forward to being the commish, this league has always needed. I think this will improve things long term and stop bullshit right away from now on.
Best Wishes & Good Luck to All

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I'm afraid that when you traded an "untradable, dont even make an offer player" ( your words ) without getting all offers, I do consider that a form of cheating. Especially when 80% of that persons trades this year are with you.
I will not mention anything in the past moving forward, nor will I hear any arguments about how it was in the past. I appreciate all that you have done for this league, but this role for me has been coming for a long time.
Everything changed today.

From now on I will fine those who publicly criticize me with future draft pick losses, roster limitations, and/or salary cap limitations.

I'm not stepping down as an owner to continue to be questioned or criticized. If I don't get to have the fun of playing, there will be a zero tolerance policy for public criticism. You are welcome to text or email me concerns, but those will be made public to others if needed.

Please let other teams know what you want in return for a player like gronkowski in the forum - let it sit there for 96 hours.
OR you can send out a mass text to all players in the league that you posted gronkowski is available in the forum and that can be expedited to 48 hours

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12New Rules / Enforcement Empty im out altogether best of luck to all on Mon 26 Oct 2015, 7:59 pm


im out altogether best of luck to all

13New Rules / Enforcement Empty Re: New Rules / Enforcement on Tue 27 Oct 2015, 12:31 pm


What in the hell is going on around here

14New Rules / Enforcement Empty Re: New Rules / Enforcement on Wed 28 Oct 2015, 2:14 am


Yep over

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15New Rules / Enforcement Empty Re: New Rules / Enforcement on Wed 28 Oct 2015, 5:28 am


The event is over...the ruling was made and stats counted.

I have spoken / texted Graham at length outside of this forum and we are fine.

I have made offers to other owners who declined my offers.

Barrett and I have talked about Wilson for Gronk since this one could make the deal I made with him because he wanted a QB and Wilson is the best untagged QB available, plus I gave a #1 and cheap one can offer him that.

The trade was accepted, posted, confirmed,players moved, and then an official ruling was made on their eligibility. So that ship has sailed.

My first post, while asking for consideration, was not an attack. I accept the comish ruling on none of those players being available last week.

16New Rules / Enforcement Empty Re: New Rules / Enforcement on Fri 30 Oct 2015, 5:11 pm


I've deleted all my posts.  It was dumb and completely wrong of me to make this whole thing worse.  I have been called worse than a cheater in my life and I will be again, so I should have let that go.  Long live Big Dogs Only.

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